Make Money Blogging [Beginners’ Comprehensive Guide]

In this article, I will show various ways to make money from a blog and how to keep it generating passive income for you.

Have you ever wondered why the internet is full of information? One reason for this is because they are making money on the information they share. Only few would be willing to keep on sharing valuable information on the internet without getting any compensation.

Is it possible to make money blogging?

This is a common question mostly asked by new passion bloggers. By passion bloggers, I mean the people who just created a blog to write the things they love without realizing yet the potentials of their blog. The answer to this question is yes. Definitely, yes.

How much money  could you make blogging?

Now, this is another question usually asked by new bloggers.

It depends on many factors. In this post about making money blogging, you will be enlightened as I will try to discuss some of these factors affecting your potential income in blogging.

How to Make Money Blogging

Here is a list of ways to make money from you blog

1. Choose the right blogging platform

There are many available CMS and blogging platforms out there for you to choose from. But I highly recommend starting a blog with a self-hosted WordPress. Why WordPress? You might ask. One of the many things I like about WordPress is its flexibility and extensibility. As time passed by, you might need additional features to improve and increase potential income of your blog. Here is where the use of WordPress plugins and extensions come in handy. It is also a fact that WordPress runs about 30% of all websites on the internet. This means a huge community at your back.

2. Get a good host

Now, I assume you have chosen WordPress as your blogging platform. If you did, you made a right choice. However, you could not totally maximize the power of WordPress without having a web host that best fits for it. There are many web hosts out there that supports WordPress and meet its requirements. However, if you intended to make money blogging, don’t settle for less. Chose a proven and trusted host. Not just that, if you are not that techy (tech savvy), chose a host that offers quick and friendly customer support. With all these requirements that every new blogger should be looking for, I highly recommend choosing one from our recommended web hosts.

Check out deals from our recommended hosts.

3. Find a good theme

Beside contents, it is the looks and user-friendliness of your site that keeps visitors to your blog. Users are sometimes psychologically attracted at the features, navigability and looks of your site. These help on retaining visitors and keep them coming back on your web blog. For these reasons, you should find a good, well-supported, and neatly coded theme for your WordPress blog. You can search for feature-rich WordPress themes on ThemeForest. It is one of the largest WordPress theme shop in the web universe.

4. Setup your blog properly

After you have decided on what theme to use, it’s time to set up your blog. Setting up your blog properly means going through many simple tasks such as installing necessary plugin, taking a look on every setting, adding widgets, creating menus, updating website information, and more. Don’t forget to add your logo, site icon, and tagline.

5. Improve your blog’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The search engines are good source of organic traffic. They play an important role on your quest of making money with your blog. Better start making your blog search engine friendly. You could have already done some Search Engine Optimization if you have gone through the checking and updating of your blog settings.

Quick Steps to Improved your blog’s SEO:

  • Make sure your WordPress blog is crawlable by search engines by going to Settings>Reading>Untick.”
  • Install and setup a WordPress SEO plugin. For this, I recommend using Yoast SEO.
  • Add your site to Google Search Console.

You can avail our free WordPress setup service and forget about the hassle of setting up a WordPress blog. We’ll take care of it so upon turn-over you can start writing your first blog post right away.

6. Publish valuable contents

Think of a niche that would work well for you. I suggest you start writing on topics where you have some background knowledge and then supplement it with some research and interesting facts. If you are writing on a topic you’re not familiar with, make sure to make extensive research to keep the credibility and integrity of your blog. Keep writing high quality contents. Prioritize quality over quantity. Over time, it helps your blog make a good reputation. Keep your contents interesting and valuable.

7. Build your social media fanbase

One good source of blog traffics are social media networks. Create social media accounts and pages where you can share your published blog posts. Engage your fans by interacting with them through comments and answering their queries. You can also find great ideas and sometimes learn from the comments on your shared posts.

8. Monetize your blog with display advertisements

After having a good number of posts on your blog, you may now start applying for advertisement monetization. Start wooing for Google Adsense: the world’s largest online advertising network. There are couple of good and trusted ad networks out there, you may also apply for them. Make sure to read their terms and guidelines and abide in it to avoid losing your account including whatever you have earned.

9. Join Affiliate Programs

Another way to make money on blogging is through affiliate marketing programs. There are many companies out there who are willing to give commissions to customers you send to them. You can drive customers to those companies offering affiliate commissions by writing reviews, comparisons, many other ways. Your creativity is the only limit.

Here are some of the lucrative affiliate programs available out there:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Commission Junction
  • Share-A-Sale
  • and many more.

10. Accept Sponsored Posts

When your blog starts making good traffic, it may attract companies who have products or service related to your blog.  There are companies and individuals who are willing to pay for public release through online publication of their products, events, and services.

11. Stay on fire!

Yes, you can generate passive income through your blog. But, making money on your blog doesn’t happen overnight. There are those people who quit after a few months and even just weeks without generating money on their blog. You might be missing the prime time of your blog. The period of time a blog starts generating money depends on many factors including niche, target audience, ways of monetization, and means of acquiring traffic. Make evaluations on your blog, find the loopholes, and re-align your way of acquiring visitors. Be patient. Try to make blogging as part of your routine. Keep on writing new quality contents. Update your old posts to revive or re-purpose them. As your blog grows you can hire someone to help you in managing, researching, and writing blog posts. That’s how you make more money blogging while reducing your workload.

12. Content Locking/Paid Surveys

This kind of blog monetization is usually called CPA (Cost Per Action) advertising. In this way of monetizing your blog, you can lock a portion of your post, inserted download links or media files. Users will then need to complete a survey, buy or download a promoted product to unlock the content.

There are many CPA advertising networks, but I personally recommend CPALead. They offer a lot of CPA monetizing options. Check out CPALead here.

13. Premium Access

Usually, this way of making money from a blog is implemented on websites that offer short courses, premium videos, and many others. Let your visitors access your blog content by paying a membership fee. It is important to note that when you use premium access as a way to monetize your blog, you probably know that you should not be placing all your blog posts as premium contents. Keep some of your blog articles publicly accessible to serve as marketing articles for your blog.

Premium access feature sounds complicated to implement for beginners, but there are many WordPress plugins that do the job with a breeze like Paid Memberships Pro and s2Member.

14. URL Shortening

You can use this as an addition to make more money from your blog. As it suggests, you will be shrinking URLs and then use this to insert on your blog posts or share on social sites. When visitors click it, they would land on an advertisement page before proceeding to the actual content.

Check out for this one. They offer safe and family-friendly advertisements.

Note: Be careful with some URL shortener because some show nasty and intrusive ads. They could be hurting your site’s reputation.

15. Asking Donations

If you have decided not to monetize your blog with any of the blog monetization ways shared above, you might want to ask donations instead. There are people who are willing to donate if they find your posts helpful to them. There are also some who would just ask to buy the writer a beer or coffee as a form of donation.

16. Join Brave Rewards Publishers/Creators Program

Have you already heard of Brave Browser? It is a fast, safe and secure browser with a built-in ad blocker which by default blocks third party advertising and trackers. Their userbase is rapidly growing and some of your blog visitors could be using it already. Brave browser together with Basic Attention Token (BAT) is redefining online advertising by offering users the option to view ads delivered by the BAT platform. These are privacy-respective, pro-consent, and completely opt-in. Users will then be rewarded with BATs for their attention. They can use these BATs to support their favorite publishers and creators by tipping them.

You can download and try Brave Browser here (using our referral link), or with this link which takes you to their home page (without our referral link).

Signup on the Brave Rewards program for publishers and creator here.

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