How to Add Contact Form in WordPress

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add a contact form on a WordPress blog. We will create a contact form that is similar to ours. Check our contact form here.

Why should you add a contact form to your WordPress blog?

It is important that you add a contact form to your blog so that visitors can easily get in touch with you. Besides making your blog looks more professional, it also helps you make more conversation if you’re selling products or offering services on your blog. Also, if there are issues on your blog, visitors can easily communicate it to you if you have a contact form readily available for them to fill-up. The importance of having a contact form on your WordPress blog may vary from niche to niche but that’s enough for our introduction. Now, let’s dive in to the tutorial.

Here’s how to add a contact form on WordPress.

  1. Go ahead and login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2.  Now, navigate to Plugins>Add New. You will then be redirected to the Plugin Installation page.
  3. In the search box, type Contact Form 7 and hit Enter on your keyboard.
  4. You will find Contact Form 7 by Takayuki Miyoshi on the search result. Click Install then Activate to make the plugin ready to use. There will be a new menu item called Contact added on the left side menu pane of your WordPress Dashboard.
  5.   Hover your mouse to Contact then click Contact Forms. There you will find a pre-configured contact form which you can edit according to your needs.
  6. Copy the shortcode as shown on the image below. Create a new page and Paste the shortcode. You may add sentences before the code on the page.
  7. Add a title to your page, Edit the slug and hit Publish.
  8. Insert your newly published contact page to a widget or menu to make it visible and accessible to your visitors.

Add Contact Form on Footer (or Sidebar) of WordPress

It is easy to add a contact form on the footer or sidebar of your WordPress site. Like what you did when you add a contact form on a page, you just need to copy the shortcode for the form you created with Contact Form 7. Go to Appearance>Widgets and add a Text Widget by dragging and dropping to your preferred location (footer or sidebar widget area). Paste the shortcode you copied earlier and hit Save. That’s it! Open your website and check if it works as you wanted.

Setting up and Configuring Contact Form 7

  • To create a new contact form, go to Contact>Add New on your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Edit an existing contact form by going to Contact>Contact Forms and click Edit below the form’s title.
  • Add other elements to your contact form by clicking any form-tag in the tag generator tools.
  • Besides adding different features using form-tags on you contact form, you can also edit the Mail and Message templates.
  • Protect your WordPress blog’s contact form against spams by installing and activating Akismet Anti-Spam plugin or integrating Google reCaptcha into your form.
  • Out of the box, Contact Form 7 supports Akismet so you don’t need further action as long as you configured Akismet properly.

How to Integrate Google reCaptcha with Contact Form 7?

You will need Google reCaptcha API Keys, particularly site and secret keys, to integrate Google reCaptcha with Contact Form 7.

  1. Go to Google reCaptcha Admin page.
  2. Login with your Google account.
  3. Fill up the form, Accept the reCaptcha Terms of Service then click Register.
  4. Copy the Site Keys and Secret Keys on the page that follows upon registration.
  5. Go to WordPress Dashboard>Contact>Integration and paste your Site and Secret keys 
  6. Edit your contact form and add the form-tag [recaptcha] preferably before the [submit “Send”] tag.

Here is a look at the codes on our contact form.

 Subject [text your-subject]
Your Message [textarea your-message]
[submit “Send”]
For this tutorial, we used the WordPress plugin Contact Form 7. We recommend this plugin because it’s simple and easy to use with all the feature you could be looking in a contact form. However, there are many other contact form plugin alternatives on the WordPress repository.

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